Wynnona Haynes is an empowerment speaker and public presentation instructor. She has numerous years of experience teaching public speaking and addressing audiences of all-sizes. As a professional with the largest private University in the nation, she has delivered training and instruction on management, communication, and women’s empowerment. Articulate Power is more than the name of her organization, it is her mission to coach, train, and inspire leaders!

Imagine a motivational speaker who does more than talk TO her audience. She talks WITH her audience. No presentation is ever the same and each presentation is customized to the needs of those in attendance. Do you have something to say, but aren’t comfortable delivering your message? Wynnona will empower you to articulate power through simple presentation strategies.

Her topics of specialty include- Managing Generational Diversity, Women Empowerment, Working Women Issues, Adult Education, Education, Leadership, and Personal Empowerment. If you are a professional in need of presentation coaching, an organization looking for a morale booster, or an individual seeking to expand your skills, contact Wynnona today to learn how she can help you ARTICULATE POWER!

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